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We'll be doing Avery's nursery in a celestial theme, using light blue with yellow, white, and dark blue accents. Here are some photos of Avery's nursery, including some of the "before and after" steps we took to get there!

First "Room"

Here's a picture of where Avery's first sleeping location will actually be (once we get home from the hospital, of course!)...

Just a few steps away from mom and dad is a great first place to sleep... We're hoping that being close to Avery during his first few months and especially first few weeks will help him (and us!) establish a good routine with breastfeeding and sleeping. We're already starting to peek into his playard and wonder what he will look like sleeping there - it is amazing to think that soon we will be watching him sleeping there.

Avery's dresser

This little dresser is pretty special - I remember using it as a young child (not sure if it was mine when I was a baby though, but it may have been), and I painted it for Harmony's nursery. But as cute as those little peach bears were, they didn't quite go with the celestial theme of Avery's room, so I repainted the dresser with a couple coats of white paint and then got creative with some hand-made stencils (designed them myself with Adobe, printed them onto heavy cardstock, Xacto-knifed them out, and then grabbed a stencil brush to apply the paint).

Painting Avery's Room

Since my office walls were already painted a light blue, we weren't starting from scratch when we painted Avery's room. All we needed to do was touch up the paint in some areas and paint the trim on the baseboards and window. I also did some extra stencilling detail to match the celestial theme and new celestial dresser. The room still isn't complete but it's certainly getting there (good thing we still have a couple months to go!).

Avery's Room is Ready!

As of the end of November, Avery's room is completely ready (only a month behind schedule, but still a good couple weeks before he could arrive). Going into this room now feels just like looking at the presents under the Christmas tree - it is so exciting to think about what is to come! I love picturing our little baby being rocked in this very rocking chair and getting dressed in the little clothes that are tucked away!